One step closer to World Domination…

Once again Bungie shows up their competition (this time including powerhouses like Rock Band, GTA 4, Wii Fit, Super Mario Galaxy, and even Portal) by being given the EDGE Award for Interactive Innovation. The reason being that Bungie’s epic Halo 3 has done “[the] most to further the creative culture of gaming – in other words, to mark out new directions for the form.”

Now I am sure that this is going to cause quite the uproar amongst “Halo-Haters” ans well as other notable gaming groups because as it has been said so many times before, IT’S JUST ANOTHER FPS!

But is it really? Think for a minute, and try to recall what other console games offer the ability to Forge custom maps, and gametypes, AND give you the ability to share them with the rest of the community as a standard feature! Bungie has also made it incredibly easy for anyone to delve into machinima (or just want to show off) with their Saved Films and Screen Shots features. And all this comes on the disc.

Now lets delve into the world of stats and tracking. Bungie offers a plethora of stats and information about every game ever played online in Halo 2 & 3. Not only do they offer what is perhaps the most in-depth stat tracker ever offered by a game developer, but they make it easy for sites like and HaloCharts to take what they have done and build upon it.

So yes, while Halo 3 might not be an out-of-this-world game to some (even though I think it is) it has certainly set the standard for “Interactive Innovation”.

Now if you will excuse me…I am off to play Halo 3.


~ by mendicantbias00 on August 11, 2008.

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