For the lolz…Tuesday Edition!

Some Tuesday morning humor for you, brought to you by:  Born Again Bash Quotes Database

< Zotnix> Wow my brain is wired weird today.
< Zotnix> “Post turtle” made me think of post in the sense of “after”… so I thought “post human” in a sense. Then I thought of cyborg turtles.
< Zotnix> Now I’ve moved on to cyborg turtle wars.
< Zotnix> Slowest. War. Ever.


<NDPMacBook> I think the last time I bathed was on thursday
<NDPMacBook> So I should probably remedy that
<NDPMacBook> NAO


<MuchachoNL> Hey, isn’t the Bible written by the same people who thought the world was flat?


lily-chan: Don’t interrupt a blonde! That’s like kicking a cripple!


<chaosmaster> i think windows comes with internet explorer cause you need something to download firefox


<Crae_ZjAy> did you do that assignment?
<z00_LOU> yeah… it was hard and now my hand is sore
<Crae_ZjAy> that’s what she said
<z00_LOU> why does everything have to be what she said with you?
<z00_LOU> you think maybe she could just shut her mouth for awhile?
<Crae_ZjAy> i could ask her i guess
<z00_LOU> augh, go screw yourself
<Crae_ZjAy> that’s what she said
<Crae_ZjAy> seriously


~ by mendicantbias00 on October 13, 2008.

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