We Pwned Cancer!

There is nothing better than firing up your 360, jumping online with a friend and two gaming gods and to help put an end to breast and cervical cancer just by playing Halo 3.  This past Sunday that is exactly what I did.  The Cavegirls hosted their annual Fight Like a Girl tournament and not wanting to miss out on the action, SonofMacPhisto and I hit up the 2v2 competition to go head to head with Bungie.

The lineup:





Rather than stick with the Team Doubles game type, we opted for a FFA match so we could chat whilst fragging each other.

Game 1

FLAG Game 1

FFA Slayer, Snowbound, First to 25

Tone of Game: Hilarious

We began our 20 minutes of Bungie filled glory with a trip to the chilly wasteland of Snowbound.  In the arctic Forerunner facility we made each other bleed our own blood.  KidPenguin made straight for the Ghost and throughout the match managed to get some nice splatters…like this one:

mendicantbias00 & KidPenguin

There was much grenade spamming to be had, a couple of which helped various players to some easy kills…namely me.  A large chunk of the game was spent in the large cavern, though vary rarely did the shotgun ever come into play.  😀    Check out some of the pics from the rest of the game.

mendicantbias00 - Fire n Flames

KidPenguin - Cold Blooded

RocketMoose - Creeping Death

RocketMoose - Creeping Death

SonofMacPhist - Phantom Menace

SonofMacPhisto - Phantom Menace

If you’re interested I suggest you download this video.  I gave KidPenguin a nasty surprise.  Here is the vid from my perspective, and here is one from KidPenguin’s.

Mendi Wins!

Mendi Wins!

Final Score: 25 (mendi), 23 (SoMP), 15 (RM). 10 (KP)

Watch the Film and see screenshots here


Game 2

FFA Slayer, Cold Storage, First to 15

Tone of Game: MacPhisto-y

Our second and final game of the evening was deep in the bowels of Installation 05.  Amid the icy steel and warm Flood goo, three Spartans waged war in the name of preservation (Elites don’t count) 😉 .  KidPenguin was lucky enough to get the choice spawn and took up the Active Camo and Sniper but came just shy of clipping SonofMacPhisto in the back of his noggin.

The Ghostly Penguin

The Ghostly Penguin

The Golden Boy of the Match

The Golden Boy of the Match

MacPhisto had control of the rockets for the majority of the game, but just couldn’t seem to keep them.  I, however, managed to fall victim to nearly every rocket that came my way (except for two).



RocketMoose and KidPenguin seemed to have it in for each other more in this match than the previous.  This not only made for awesome screen shots, but also some hawt Bungie on Bungie action!

Hawt Bungie on Bungie Action

Hawt Bungie on Bungie Action



Perhaps the highlight of my post (for me at least) is this gem I accidentally found while reliving the match.

Inappropriate Moose is being Inappropriate

Inappropriate Moose is being Inappropriate

All good things must come to an end, and ours ended all too soon.  MacPhisto pulled ahead and stayed there taking the coveted first place…and then rubbing it in my face…literally

No One Likes A Gloater!

No One Likes A Gloater!

Final Score: 15 (SoMP), 10 (Mendi), 10 (RM). 7 (KP)

Watch the Film and see screenshots here

First off, I would like give a amazing huge “THANK YOU” to both RocketMoose and KidPenguin.  For taking time out of your day to help out with such a great cause, and for being nice enough to let us win. 😉

If you didn’t make it into this year’s Fight Like a Girl tournament don’t fret, there is always next year!  However just because you didnt get to play this year, that doesn’t mean you cant help.  Cancer isn’t annual and every donation helps, if you’ve got the means, I highly recommend it!

Did you Fight Like a Girl this year?


~ by mendicantbias00 on October 27, 2008.

8 Responses to “We Pwned Cancer!”

  1. Great write up! Thanks so much! Oh, and I was only gloating on you because I ❤ you. You know that. 😉

    Only one small issue, you said there were FOUR Spartans fighting on Cold Storage… only I remember three Spartans and an Elite. Where’s the FOURTH? 😀

  2. Yeah…I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. 😛

  3. You’re just jealous my goldie elite had his revenge! 😆

  4. nicely done, gentlemen

  5. I saw some Elite discrimination in this post 😦

  6. -facepalm-

    I didn’t think you were actually going to post the “inappropriate moose is being inappropriate” pic.

    Great blog, good job getting on HBO, I am very proud of you. AND you owe me for skipping out of our rock band 2 gig to write this. But since you did an amazing job – i’ll let you pick the songs 🙂

    EXCEPT BOB DYLAN! – I drawn the line at Bob Dylan…

  7. Great write-up Mendi! It sounds like a blast. I loved looking at all the screenshots.

    We had fun in our game as well. I got pwned more than I pwned but when it’s for a good cause, who the heck cares?!

  8. […] play against Bungie employees in 2v2 competitions. One of these was written up by mendicantbias00 in his ‘The Thunder And The Surf’ blog. Check it out – pretty pictures, fileshare links, final results! Update: JonnyOThan corrects my […]

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