Thank You Handmade Hero!!!!

By Handmade Hero

By Handmade Hero

This morning I jump on XBL to check and see if there has been any word on the new Fall Xbox Experience and I see that I have a message from Handmade Hero…more so its a Halo 3 message.  So I quickly pop in the disc and hit up my friends list and see a message that says “[mendicantbias]  Check out this screenshot!”.


I quickly jump to said screenshot and feast my eyes upon the newest addition to Project Pangea.

What is Project Pangea you may ask?

Basically, Project Pangea is my way of saying “THANKS!” to everyone within the Halo community. Using the ability to take screenshots in Halo 3, my personal goal is to make portrait screenshots, for as many individual Halo players as possible until I reach 117 portraits made.

See you all on the battlefield!


So Again I say “Thanks!” Handmade Hero!


~ by mendicantbias00 on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You Handmade Hero!!!!”

  1. Thanks for all the love ❤

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