*pew pew* *POP* HOOOORAY!!!!11!!

“Best use of sprinkles ever.” – bluerunner

Cake created by my girlfriend Jessica!


~ by mendicantbias00 on November 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “*pew pew* *POP* HOOOORAY!!!!11!!”

  1. mmmmmm…Grunt Brain

  2. Epic, epic win.
    Your girlfriend is officially the shit. I the good way 😛

  3. Was Cowbell turned on as well, and a sticky grenade hidden inside, causing a massive cake explosion? 😀

  4. I concur with the chicken

  5. I suppose you didn’t save the BR for me?

  6. This cake is the best…my birthday is coming up, maybe I’ll ask for a master chief cake…

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