Artist: Tyler, Subject: Master Chief, Medium: Oil and Canvas

Due to scheduling conflicts with various family members, this past weekend was chosen to celebrate my girlfriend’s family Christmas.  So with the family all together, and well-fed after a delicious lasagna dinner, we adjourned to the sun-room to exchange gifts.

My girlfriend’s nephew is quite the artist, only twelve years old, and can out-draw most adults I know.  He is also the sweetest kid I have ever met.  This past summer we took him and his sister out shopping and to spoil them a bit.  We bought him some new art supplies and a couple of canvases with a request he paint one of the canvases for us.

I expected a painting that was absolutely amazing and well beyond the talents of a typical twelve year old.

What I didn’t expect was this…

Master Chief by Tyler

Master Chief by Tyler

To my knowledge, Tyler has never so much as played any of the Halo iterations or read any of the books.  In fact I wasn’t even aware that he knew of my obsession with the series (which is so far gone that my girlfriend can hum the theme song on cue).

Below are a few more shots of the painting, but none of them do justice to the actual piece.  From the metallic sheen to the Chief’s armor to the reflection in his visor.

by Tyler

by Tyler

by Tyler

by Tyler

…keep in mind he is 12 years old!

Happy Halo-Days!


~ by mendicantbias00 on December 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Artist: Tyler, Subject: Master Chief, Medium: Oil and Canvas”

  1. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw.

  2. Skillz..

  3. His artistic talent became very well known at a young age. When he was about 7 years old, using his own imagination, and a mix between markers and crayons, he drew the Little Mermaid and other characters from the movie.

    It was very advanced for his age but there was a detail in which we, as a family, couldn’t quite get over: Tyler gave the Little Mermaid perfectly drawn “sweater kittens” if you get my drift. They were perky and had Barbie doll proportions.

    I recall pointing to the “coconuts” and asking, “How do you know to draw like that? You know, those huge things right there.”

    Blushing and slightly frustrated he answers in his little 7 year old voice, “One shell is too small. I made this part darker (points to clevage) so you can’t tell.”

    He was right, one shell is clearly smaller than the other. But let me tell you – A) no one believes he drew it B) notices the smaller shell without it being pointed out and C) every one notices the Dolly Partons.

    It has now become a family on going joke but every time we discuss his art and how amazing it is, someone comments “remember the Little Mermaid?”

  4. LOL, … I demand pictures of The Little Mermaid.

    That is amazing. I think that painting alone makes the shopping spree you took him on well worth it. He’s definitely got a future in art ahead of him!

  5. Omg! What talent! If he can do that well using only his imagination and no instruction, I can’t even imagine what he could do with classes! I wanna see the Little Mermaid pix!!

  6. Wow, now that is what I call talent. I can not even imagine who it looks in real, the pictures are amazing so I guess it is pretty outstanding.

  7. yeah this is really a great talent. It is awesome.

  8. I must say for someone who has no ”first hand” knowledge of HALO he did manage to capture ”duende” of Master Chief very well….

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