i miss the internet

If you haven’t already played Turtle Rock Studios’ smash hit Left 4 Dead, where the hell have you been?  If you have, then you know what it’s like to find yourself and three other survivors standing atop an abandoned apartment building, surrounded by zombies.

Before you have a chance to catch your breath or take in your surroundings, you hear the thumping of a helicopter.  As it passes, the pilot tells you over a PA system to try and make it to the local hospital for extraction.  In the distance you can see a sign for Mercy Hospital, it looks to be only a few blocks away, but something tells you that the path ahead is not going to be as easy as it seems.

Other than these brief snippets of dialog at the beginning of each “movie”, you as the player know nothing about where you are or what is going on around you.  Common sense tells you that there has been some sort of infectious outbreak, but is it viral, perhaps bacterial, maybe even alien?  There is no way to tell.  The only hints you are given are scrawled across the walls of the buildings you make your way through.

Rather than pull the player out of the world of tension and fear that so much time was spent crafting, Valve decided to let the more inquisitive players figure things out for themselves.   Much like their previous hit Portal, scraps of information are scattered throughout the game.  These tidbits are interesting enough to keep the player hunting for more without spoon feeding the story directly to them.

These walls have become post-apocalyptic forums and a substitute for texts and emails.  There are messages from loved ones, the last known locations for safe rescue, as well as messages one would typically find in forum posts.

There are so many messages and yet so little time to really study them, which is a shame considering how much time was probably spent creating all of them.  This last image is my favorite, click on it to increase the picture size and let me know if you can see why.

Will You?

Will You?





Well…will you?

Yes or No?


~ by mendicantbias00 on January 17, 2009.

49 Responses to “i miss the internet”

  1. YES! – on 1/17 OMG I ❤ YOU

  2. I love you too!

  3. I would like thank Crazedone1988, DeepCee, and azfar90 for all of your help. I appreciate it guys!!!

  4. Congrats you guys!

  5. Good Luck yuzx guys. unk

  6. That’s pimpin’ awesome!! Congratulations you two!!

  7. I can;t say this enough
    Really HAPPY for you guys!! 🙂

  8. Congratulations to both you and Jessica!

  9. YAY!

  10. Congrats!

  11. It took me a second to realize Pinkster’s name is Jessica. College FTW!

    Oh, and…CONGRATUFRIGGINLATIONS (ations…ations…ations…and more echo!)

  12. gratz!

  13. OMG!…. Congrats!

  14. […] the weekend mendicantbias00 proposed to his girlfriend using that exact method by drafting a detailed blog post about the graffiti that can be found on the walls of the buildings in Left 4 Dead, a survival […]

  15. Congratulations!

    Now I’m sad. The Wife can’t play FPS- they make her motion sick.

  16. Congrats mendi!!!

  17. Congratulations. You are one crazy guy. Unique… I love it.

  18. i loled…a lot

  19. congrats you two! i loved the whole story! lol =D

  20. wow thats awesome!! Grats you two ^_^

  21. Congratulations! (And what an adorable way to propose!)

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  24. People from all over the world are comming on this page and seeing what you’ve done, it’s kind spécial but anyway, congratulation from France, and keep in mind that thousand of people are reading your wills!


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  26. woot! congratulations from another romantic L4d survivor ^_^

  27. Congratulations from the Internets!!!

  28. YES !

  29. can i come to the wedding?

  30. Hey guys, Congratz from Australia!
    now get to making babys we will need children after the zombie apocalypse 😛

    btw. you made kotaku!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I give you all my respect for being such a romantic nerd, grats o/

  32. What… Chicago Ted gets no love?

  33. […] AJ made a blog post commenting on the graffiti in Left 4 Dead. You see the final image to the above. The first comment is from Jessica, which reads: YES! – on 1/17 OMG I ❤ YOU […]

  34. I heard the good news from Kotaku. I wrote a post about it, but I wanted to make sure I left a comment: Congratulations! Everyone at the site wishes you two all the best!

  35. From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur comes a congratulation message! xD

  36. That is so goddamn awesome!
    I don’t even know you, but I’m so proud of your romantic nerdiness x)
    Congrats, both of you, and good luck!!!

  37. congratulations

  38. I miss the internet, too.

  39. Yeah the internet

  40. A note to anyone else who wishes to post douchebag comments. You have the rest of the internet to do that, keep it the fuck off my blog. Your “freedom of speech/expression” doesn’t exist here.

  41. Nice, you lucky bugs.

    Congratulations, too. Very cute…and most of the blog was misleading. Sneaky! Hope you two have a happy life together!

    Oh, and I met mine on Halo 3. Funny how much video games are bringing people together these days, hm?

  42. Congratulations, even though I’ve got no Idea who you are, and even though it’s kinda late now 😛
    Best of luck from Denmark

  43. how do they know each other?

    have they ever met?

  44. Yes actually. We went to college together, studied the same programs. We play together on the 360 version.

  45. So, did she discover this while playing the game itself, or on the blog?

  46. She found it on the blog PoisonedV. We only have the 360 version. If we had the PC version, I would have definitely tried to put it into the game itself. =)

  47. Hey dude! I didn’t realze your marriage proposal was so famous! Ha, that’s really cool.

    Congratulations again, or as my people say, WORT WORT WORT! 😀

  48. That is too awesome.

    My boyfriend and I play l4d also.

    🙂 ❤

  49. Congrats! ^w^

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