Bungie – Don’t make them kick your ass.

perch after perch birch – The life and times of J*Birch

Halo.Bungie.Org – The greatest Halo fansite…ever.   All Hail Wu!

Hawty McBloggy – All your codpiece are belong to us.

8-Bit Brigade – Working days and slaying nights.

Sinfest – My absolute favorite webcomic.

Ascendant Justice – If you love the Halo story, then this is the place for you.

Another Halo Comic Strip – Funniest Halo comic EVER!

Reclaimer – A roller coaster of a story based in an alternate Haloverse!

Adventures of the Green Hat – See the world through the eyes of a green hat.

Breaking Boundaries – My personal collection of Screen shots and Panoramas from Halo 3.

The Daily Whale – Do yourself a favor…


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